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Wooden Dream Castle Playset

Dream Castle
Adventure-Filled Wooden Castle Playsets for Children

Castle Dimensions: 8' x 10'
Floor Levels: 5' and 7'

This wooden Dream Castle playset for kids offers plenty of room for many an adventurous afternoon. The ground level measures 6' x 8' and features two arched doors and six charming windows. A 4' Ladder connects this level to the upper levels. The upper level (8' x 10') is divided into two sections: the Guard Tower and the Watch Zone.

The Guard Tower is the elevated enclosed section (5' x 5') in one corner and the remaining space on this level is the Watch Zone. The Guard Tower (7' level) offers one standard opening and a hidden climb opening for a 7' Rock Climb or Pipe Climb. A 2' Ladder connects it to the Watch Zone level (5' level). The Watch Zone offers two standard openings and a possible Climb opening for any 5' Climb. (A 5' Ladder is included for use in one of these standard openings.)

Add a Swing Attachment Beam of your choice at the Easy Ride and/or High Ride level and your Dream Castle playset truly will become the castle of your child's dreams.

Pictured above with standard equipment. Includes four flags.

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