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Happy Landing Harbor Castle Playset

Castle Dimensions: 30' x 44'
Floor Levels: 5' and 7' • Swing Height: 8'

Playset Castle Includes the Following:

Dream Castle, Pinnacle Cedar Roof, Easy Ride Attachment Beam 4 Position, Baby Swing, Trapeze With Rings, Sling Swing, Horse Glider, Turbo Tube Slide, 5' Pipe Climb, Telescope, 6 Flower Boxes, Hand Rails, 10' Bridge, Youngster's Yacht, Youngster's Yacht Mast & Sail, 7' Rock Climb, 14' Scoop Wave Slide, 12' Gang Plank, 5' Cargo Net, Telescope, Child's Picnic Table

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#301 Happy Landing Harbor
Back View of #301 Happy Landing Harbor

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